Hotel Erdő***+

Welcome to the website of the hotel palace. Browsing through our website. The land of the szecklers and its historical. Traditional and cultural life h. Certainly raised your interest. Let us take the opportunity to encourage you to discover the beauties of the region and the szeckler hospitality yourself.

Our hotel is situated in the rapidly developing szeckler mother town. Which provides you and your family the pleasant and peaceful environment to relax. Starting from the town. You may range over and admire the region and discover its secrets. So it is high time you visited our lovely town and became acquainted with the beauties and history of its region.

We hope that those who visited us once would return home with unforgettable memories. We are convinced that the fascinating szeckler legends, the thousand year old Hungarian culture and land will definitely be reasons to come back to us over and over again.

1 person 19 Eur
2 persons 29 Eur

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